Yazzkimo – Trust And Let Go

Trust and Let Go“ is Yazzkimos coming out as a solo artist.

Through years of experience as a professional Berlin-based keyboard player (Ivy Quainoo, Yarah Bravo, Holler My Dear) and after many moments of silence and meditation, these emotionally mature songs were given the space to grow and manifest. Together, they tell a story about trusting, accepting and letting go.

This EP became a spiritual journey, one which is nonetheless grounded and rooted in life: four songs, both meditative and powerful at the same time.

The long standing friendship with producer and musician monojo (Spielman in Bad Company, Ivy Quainoo, the Ruffcats) led to a close collaboration

The early demos, which Yazzkimo played on monojo’s living room piano somewhere in the Brandenburg (Ger) outback, created the fundamental framework for this EP.

Sensitively distorted, they became the blueprint for a universe of electronic sounds and beats. Yazzkimo’s odd meters effortlessly float within a modern EDM-Soul aesthetic, futuristic and uncompromising.

Her songs are bravely introverted, full of wistful hope and, despite all the electronic finesse, still very much organic.

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Release Date: May 31, 2019